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HLMC Starts Equipment Move-in at the New 300mm Wafer Production Line

Release time:2018-05-21

Shanghai China, May 21, 2018— HLMC, subordinated to Huahong Group, today moved the first tool, an ASML lithography machine, into its new 300mm wafer production line (known as “Huahong Fab 6”), which marks a milestone that Huahong Fab 6 has completed its infrastructure construction and entered the next stage of equipment installation. Huahong Fab 6, the 300mm advanced production line project, is constructed and operated by HLMC and is located in the southern area of Kangqiao Industrial Park in Pudong New District of Shanghai.  
The Huahong Fab 6 plant project has started its construction since December 30, 2016. Under the good organization of the construction managers of the project, the workers have overcome many disadvantageous factors such as lasting rainy days, continuous hot weather and two Spring Festival holidays to catch up with the working schedule through well-organized working time arrangement. With nearly 1 million man-days of hardworking, now the main workshop has finished the cleansing and decoration and the supporting electromechanical equipment has been in place. The plant now is ready for the equipment move-in. It took 508 days (16 and half months) for the construction to enter this stage, which is ahead of the original schedule 45 days. The first tool settled in the plant is the NXT 1980Di Step-and-Scan system produced by ASML Holding N.V., which is the most advanced immersion lithography machine currently in China’s integrated circuit production lines.
The 300mm advanced production line project is the biggest integrated circuit investment project in Shanghai, with a total investment of 38.7 billion RMB. The project is aiming to build up a 300mm wafer production line with the capacity of 40K wafers per month and technology nodes ranging from 28nm to 14nm FinFET. The project is expected to reach full capacity by the end of 2022.The project will be mainly engaged in the production of logic chips, serving domestic IC design companies as well as fulfilling the needs of IC chip manufacturing for national information security. 
The moving-in of its first tool to HLMC’s second 300mm advanced production line project represents that the southern area of Kangqiao Industrial Park has achieved an initial success in becoming a new development base of integrated circuit industry in Shanghai; it also means that Shanghai has accomplished for phase achievement in carrying out China’s Developing Program of Integrated Circuit Industry. At the same time, it has vital significance for Shanghai to build the industrial cluster and highland of the advanced manufacturing industries and establish the brand of “Made in Shanghai”.
Within upcoming five months, semiconductor equipment will be moved in the plant gradually and completed installation. By the end of this year, the production lines will be connected and start to pilot run.

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